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The bottom line is this: As long as polio threatens even one child anywhere in the world, all children - wherever they live - remain at risk.
—Rotary International Website

Ramesh Ferris shares his message for a Polio-free world, and he shares his support for Thie's Swim To End Polio!


Rotarian and Polio Survivor Ramesh Ferris hand cycled 7110 km across Canada in 2008 in an event known as Cycle to Walk. 

Cycle to Walk aims to raise funds and awareness to forward the global eradication of polio, to educate about the continuing need for immunization against polio and to support the rehabilitation of polio survivors in poor countries.

Ramesh's contributions to the global Polio eradication efforts are ongoing: he is continuing his mission en route to the goal of raising one million dollars through the C2W program.

 Thie had the opportunity to meet Ramesh last month at the annual Rotary International Convention in Montreal.  And, since that time, Ramesh has offered his support and gratitude to Thie and her team’s efforts to continue the ongoing challenge of eradicating polio.




Ramesh writes:

“The World Health Organization predicts that an additional 10 million children will be paralyzed over the next 40 years if we choose not to continue the fight against polio. As a polio survivor, a Rotarian, Canadian and a member of our global community I congratulate Thie Convery and all those on her support team with her courageous efforts to swim across Lake Ontario in order to raise funds and awareness to End Polio Now! Your efforts serve as a reminder and send a message to fellow Canadians and other members of our Global Community that polio is not an issue of the past, it is an issue of the present. At this moment Parents and Children around the world will continue to live in fear of polio and the death and paralysis it will cause, this will only end unless we as global citizens eradicate it once and for all! Thie Convery, you truly are a global citizen. Thank-you!!”

We are getting closer to eradicating Polio because of the efforts of people like Ramesh and Thie! Join us.  Read about Ramesh's journey across Canada in his book Better than a Cure, One Man's Journey to Free the World of Polio , and Support the Swim To End Polio, today! 

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    Now I just want to tell you how much my partner and I appreciate every little thing that you provide to help raise awareness of the issue of material value on human life.Through their own article, I had just passed a novice in the area experts. It can be a realthank you for your efforts. Thank you

  • Posted by Christine Green , 23/07/2010 6:57am (14 years ago)

    Thie you are making our Club proud and making National History.
    Thankyou for having the stamina, and the courage to wipe Polio

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